Home plumbing advice to increase the value of your property

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Plumbing Upgrades That Improve Your Property Value

A house is only as good as its plumbing system.

At least that’s what you should be thinking when looking to increase the value of your property.

Ensuring that your house is in good shape means any potential buyer will have peace of mind knowing there’s not a nightmare of work to be done once the contracts are signed.

Plumbing tips to boost your home’s value

There are several ways to increase the resale value of your property through plumbing.

One of the most effective ways of doing so is repairing your drains. Hiring a professional to inspect the drains and, if necessary, replace them, can provide future buyers peace of mind and ensure that you have looked after the property as best you can.

While it can seem like a bit of a pain, replacing your drains will lead to longer-lasting pipes and, in turn, a hassle-free future for whoever moves in.

If you think about what your drains go through and what could get stuck, such as hair, food, and grease, you might wonder why you haven’t looked at doing this sooner.

Installing additional appliances such a dishwasher can be hugely appealing to potential buyers.

Call in a reputable plumber to install a high-quality dishwasher and make sure everything is done properly.

In need of plumbing services but unsure of who to choose? For the last 10 years, J&P has offered fully-qualified plumbers as part of its service. They offer maintenance, essential repairs and can help to install new appliances.

When is the last time you updated your bathroom?

A newly-fitted bathroom suite or even some small added touches can make a world of difference to potential buyers.

New taps, a showerhead, or a beautiful new bathtub could help make the sale.

There is a huge range of bathroom appliances and fittings that take into account water-saving and other efficiency measures, helping you to not only update the aesthetics of your bathroom, but also its efficiency.

One particular upgrade worth considering is a tankless water heater or combi boiler system.

Rather than having a large tank taking up space in your home with water constantly being heated, a tankless system sees water heated as it passes through the unit as and when you need it, saving energy and money.

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