Design a minimalist office

A minimalist office

Minimalism design is hugely popular with smaller firms. Many companies are known for their forward thinking and modern office spaces. We have teamed up with local businesses to share their ideas on how to create a minimalist office.

Follow these simple steps!

Take advantage of the internet

If you want to reduce files and want to avoid stacking papers, try subscribing to online statement and billing. This not only stops incoming mail lists, but also helps environment by conserving paper consumption.

Also, practice the use of soft copies. Print, scan or copy only when needed. The less physical mails and paperwork you deal with the easier they can be handled. This means you won’t need as much storage to keep all of these documents in, as there is a copy of them online.  See how much paper is wasted.

Do away with the things you can live without

Most of the things that clutter your desk are most probably not as important as you thought. Do away with the things you don’t usually need or use. Remember, purge the unnecessary. Those old clippings you hide, or that accessory you placed which isn’t exactly as useful can be put aside or; thrown away. Get in touch with Housing Innovation Awards for more advice.

A lot of people have more than two mugs, random pieces of paper and medicine that they haven’t used in months. Throw away stuff that you don’t use and free up your space.

Hire commercial cleaners

A clean office environment creates a more productive workforce. Employees can concentrate on their tasks, rather than tidying and cleaning. Clutter can be extremely distracting. This can also save you time and money as employees often take time from their tasks to clean up – say no more to this.

An office cleaner will tidy, vacuum, clean washrooms and kitchens and replace toiletries. Carpets, walls and other work surfaces will all be disinfected. Have daily, weekly or monthly services.

Cut back on your supplies

Enough should be enough. No need to stack up on supplies that you consume. For example, instead of placing a 100 rim of papers, perhaps you can do with only 50. Bulk buying is good, but only to things that are constantly in used.

Lexmark T630 for one uses standard to high yield toner cartridges. Instead of purchasing an OEM, you can use the money by choosing a compatible cartridge with 30,000 page yield. Not only that you saved money, you can now print for a longer period.